My name profielfotois Rik Schutte, I am 26 years old, and I live in the Netherlands. I currently live at a little farmhouse close to Amsterdam with my wife. It is a lovely place where I can relax in a  peaceful rural environment after work . We have a veggie-garden, fruit trees and two chickens. I currently work as a senior character animator at STORM animation studios located in the center of Amsterdam. We are in the middle of a feature film production called ‘The Little Vampire’.  The very first full cg animated feature film produced in the Netherlands and co-produced by A-film (Denmark) and Ambient (Germany). I also did 40 minutes of 3d Lay-out for the film. I have to say I love working with this great team of Dutch animators and I learn a lot from them and from the supervisors. Besides work, I love doing traditional archery, drawing, fishing, playing football, and I even design jewelry for my lovely wife.

Down to memory lane

20151129_143513As a kid I was always obsessed by imaginary worlds that were created in books, movies, drawings and even my own build Lego cities. I think Lego really inspired me to get into 3d animation actually. I could create anything I wanted without any limitations (untill I ran out of bricks). I could totally loose myself in these worlds and I totally loved the way they were created. That is when I started to watch tons of ‘making ofs’ of animated movies, and my passion for animation grew. So after my days in highschool (spending more time in 3ds max and drawing than learning economics) I was finally able to apply at the Utrecht University of Arts. I graduated my bachelor 3d Computer Animation and Visual Effectsin 2012. My graduation film was actually a life-action film with visual effects called Anomaly which I directed, edited, animated, composited and colorgraded all by myself. That’s when I learned an important lesson: You can’t do everything. Stick to what you do good, and do it well. So as a rookie 3d generalist I decided to specialize in 3d character animation. I applied at Animschool and they did an incredible job at teaching and improving my animation skills. From 2013 I was working as a freelance character animator in the Netherlands and I worked for several animation and branding studios to produce commercials for television, internet and cinema. I have also animated on two animation short films (Life is Beautiful 2014, (Otto) 2015).

Since I worked on these animation shorts, I decided to work more into narrative animation. That’s where the passion I had as a kid came back…

I’m comfortable with the following software:

Autodesk Maya
Cinema 4D
After effects
Final Cut Pro

If you have any questions or requests, please don’t hesitate to contact me here.